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Sunday School

India Heritage Foundation’s Sunday GURUKUL School is formed with a idea of benefiting kids in the following way :

  • Inculcate positive values
  • Develop good character and attitude
  • Understand important moral principles of life.
  • Broaden their horizon through activities of coloring, painting, crafts, story telling and drama.
It is said in the vedic texts that right from the very young age, children have to be raised and trained in various important aspects of practical knowledge. 

We have ways and means to make the content fun and interesting to the kids and the kids will want to keep coming every time. Our teachers have very high qualification necessary for understanding and teaching these spiritual topics. The idea is to inculcate the rich spiritual heritage of India (with messages from Indian vedic texts) into the children so that they can have fun at the same time learn the most important spiritual knowledge to enable them lead a meaningful life.

We have several classes in our school. Kids from 3-5 years, 6-8 years, 9 -11 years and 12-15 years. Our course content is specially designed and acclaimed in noted International schools of India. For more information, please contact us.